Rapper/Singer/Song writer known as MoBudda, born Monesha Jones in Hartford, CT. She started as a singer and poet. Recording her first track around the age of 14 a song she named “My 1st Love”, she wrote about her love for music in a way Common did on the classic hip hop record “I Use to Love Her”.  Monesha Jones named herself MoBudda in 2009 when she started to take her career serious investing into herself. The name reminds her of more bread, more success, and more blessings.

In 2009 she paired up with an artist to release her first mix tape called “Wave Runners” which she later named her independent record label. The first single called “So Fly” had became popular in CT so she than took her music on the road. Performing along the east coast she had performed over 100 shows from 2009-2011. Such as the Get Your Buzz Showcase with JHatch and has won the showcase and had been asked to return to perform as a feature in New Jersey. This was during the come up of Fred The Godson they both featured in this show. She had won Major Hype Showcases in CT, by 2010 she had opened for the Queen of rap Lil Kim in Springfield Massachusetts. She was picked up for management by Kyle 'LP' Hinkson aka Large Politics – CEO of BiggBoy Management. A global leader of digital music, video, new media and brand services and also worked as A&R director and international product manager for Music World Entertainment. Before that, he spent many years working with unsigned talent and promotion for a variety of major distributors. They began to tour in Vermont, D.C. Virginia, New York, Philly, and Connecticut.

 By 2011 MoBudda released a 12 track album called “Year of The Panther”. The album was a movement mixing politics with bars, and melody. It was a classic album showing her versatility. It was that album that got attention of labels, offering 360 distribution deals which were turn down under Biggboy Management. Their objective was to look for a path offering long jeopardy opportunities for growth and advancement based on talent.

She was the only female rapper from CT to ever be nominated in 2012 for New York's UMA's. Mobudda wrote songs for her peers on her independent record label Wave Runnerz Records. When Multi Platinum producer Jimi Kendrix sent her a folder full of classic beats her direction in music shifted. She realized all classic music had a message, and she would need to figure out a way where her music could inspire and leave a great impression. Her music is soulful, inspiring, turned up and urban. 

            The projects and visuals are unexpected and consistent. The visual “I’m Dope” dropped as a single in 2014 while she was 3months into her pregnancy. Her grind continued, she rocked a leopard jump suit and rode a bike kicking over trash cans pretending to be the bad kid on the block just as the classic movie “Friday”. Keeping up with her stylish visuals to show the fans she was still working and will continue. In 2015 she returned with “Purple Refer” video and prepared to drop an EP. In 2016 she released a short EP called “Aphrodite Returns”. This album showed two sides that she can still can put together a song for today’s sound yet still stay in her own lane of originality. Her biggest single off the EP “Don’t Bite” was finally getting spins and the video hit 10k it became a sexy women empowerment anthem. Mobudda got sexy again and brought a few ladies out to express how dominating a woman can be in this visual. Developing as a great artist she has also used her real name Monesha Jones for this EP. Her 2nd single was an inspiring track called “Every Lil Thing” that record also had an inspiring video and the track was picked up by CT radio Hot 937. Fans were shocked to watch as she embraced her new natural look with comfort. The EP Aphrodite Returns incorporates musical styles from Hip Hop to Trap R&B and its lyrics touch upon a boss life, pleasure, pain, and street love.

            In 2017 She also began to perform in events that would give back to the communities and supported programs that help sheltered find homes. Such as the “Friends of The Homeless Shelter” of Springfield Mass and The Journey To Expression fund raiser  of Piscataway NJ  for “Autism Awareness. " Performing uplifting  inspiring music with a message. Her latest visual “Money Changes the Situation” was a timeless throwback a classic from Year of the Panther was just re released September 2017. She educates in her lyrics and continues to build her fan base with visuals. Her sound is Lauryn Hill, the Eve, the Missy Elliot and the Lil Kim of today’s genre.